About the Lander District Recreation Board

For more than 40 years, the Lander District Recreation Board has granted funds to non-profit recreational organizations within the boundaries of Fremont County School District #1 (which includes Lander, Hudson, Atlantic City, and Jeffrey City).

We have helped fund projects ranging from traditional sports like baseball, football, swimming, golf, and rodeo; to skate parks, Special Olympics, and bike safety fairs; to fireworks shows, half marathons, and youth day camps; to Indian dances, children’s museums, and community gardens; and to arts associations, community concerts, orchestras, and theatrical productions. (See pictures some of the projects supported by Rec Board funds!)

Our funding sources: We are a recreational board set up under Wyoming Statute Title 18, Chapter 9.  Our funding comes from a 1% mil levy, and monies received vary from year to year depending on property valuations. Last year we granted funds to over 40 groups.  Unfortunately, this year our funding is down, and we will likely fund fewer projects than we have in the past.

Our current members

Our By-Laws